World Cup Betting Odds

Soccer News by on 05-27-2010 filed under FIFA World Cup

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World Cup Betting OddsThe World Cup is soon with us and everyone is keeping an eye on the World Cup Betting Odds. The World Cup is well known for attracting a lot of bets. The World Cup is a great time to place some bets as while one enjoy’s the tournament he may also win some cash. If we had to have a look at the current odds for the World Cup Winners we’ll find Spain as the favourites with odds of 5.00, following Spain we’ll find Brazil and England following with 6.00 and 7.50 respectively. If you’re in a wild mood you may also bet on less quoted teams such as New Zealand with the odds being 3001.00. Therefore if you place £10 on NewZealand you’ll win an amazing £30,010.00.

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