Shakira World Cup 2010 Song

Soccer News by on 05-19-2010 filed under FIFA World Cup

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Shakira World Cup 2010 SongThis year’s World Cup song is being sung by Shakira. The name of the song  is ‘Waka Waka’. The choice of Shakira has sparked a lot of controversy as many were expecting a South African to sing the official song. It makes even less sense to choose an non South African to interpret the song as the name of the song mean “This time for Africa”.

On the other hand the good news is that the South Africans have joined forces in this, altogether they are complaining about the fact that a non South African is singing the official World Cup 2010 song.

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6 Comments on "Shakira World Cup 2010 Song"

  1. Oriana on Wed, 19th May 2010 12:58 pm 

    Wrong. South Africans love the song. It was just the words of a couple of randoms on the street who complained. Literally.

    The song is awesome!!! Go Shakira!!!! Showing her true global domination!!!

  2. Luis on Wed, 19th May 2010 11:28 pm 

    Yeah. South Africans actually love the song. Also, for the record, “Waka Waka” does not mean “This time for Africa.” It’s just an additional line in the song.

    It’s a great song and Shakira is great artist to promote the World Cup.

  3. Nomi on Fri, 21st May 2010 10:29 am 

    Hi I’m Nomi. I’m an 18 years old female football player, but have no support in my country. Would like to go to UK or other country. Would appreciate if someone can help me.

  4. tunde, nigeria on Fri, 21st May 2010 9:01 pm 

    shakira will never sieze to amaze me……i love the song, was listening to the song last night, it was kinda cool

  5. Martin on Sat, 22nd May 2010 4:39 pm 


    I am Cameroonian. I would like to say the chorus of the song was originally sung by a Cameroonian band called Zangalewa. It consisted of former World War II soldiers, singing to upraise the army. “Waka Waka” here means moving onward, like in moving onward to battle. It is a shame that non-Africans come to our land and rob us of our culture, using our songs and not paying tribute to them as it due. Like Rihanna and Michael Jackson who used the chorus of Manu Dibango in their songs. Not only is the song non-SA, but it is also sung by a non-African. The rythm might be good, but the intention is not. Can’t we find an African in this large continent who can compose and sing a World Cup song for an African world cup?

  6. David Takudzwa on Sun, 23rd May 2010 7:26 am 

    I am Zimbabwean and I have been reading with utter fascination at some of the comments being made. While it is important for us to be patriotic and “AFRICAN” in every sense, I think the African theme is being seriously overemphasized… We are seizing every opportunity to personalise every international agenda and in the process forgetting that what really matters is… oops, have to hurry will conclude my post.

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