Paul the octopus has officially retired

Soccer News by on 07-14-2010 filed under FIFA World Cup

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Paul the OctopusIf you followed the matches during FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, you would have heard about Paul, the psychic octopus from the Sea Life Centre in Germany. This amazing creature has correctly predicted all of Germany’s games, including their loss to Serbia in group stage. In the knockout phase, Paul’s predictions were spot on too. He predicted that Germany will win against England and Argentina, but lose to Spain in the semi-final too!

Although Paul was guessing the outcome of Germany’s games only during the whole tournament, he was to do one last prediction which was regarding the final between Holland and Spain. The psychic octopus foretold that Spain will win and in fact they did! Paul got them all right and am sure many of you might have bet money following his advance and profited too.

His owner though has officially said that Paul the Octopus has retired and will not be predicting any more results. The lifetime of an octopus is usually around five years the most, so he won’t make it tell next World Cup anyway. Having said that am sure most of us will miss him nonetheless. I am sure that in few years time, there will still be people talking about Paul and his amazing predictions!

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