Liverpool’s Reina could join Manchester United

Soccer News by on 02-8-2011 filed under Transfer News

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Liverpool’s Reina could join Manchester United thumbnail

During a recent interview, Reina did not exclude the possibility of joining Man Utd in the Summer transfer window. Reina is now 28 years old and although he has recently signed a 6 year deal with Liverpool, he admitted his desire to play for a top team who constantly fights for cups and the Champions League.

It’s very well knows that Edwin van der Sar will terminate his contract with Manchester United this year and Ferguson is actively looking for a permanent replacement of the popular keeper. If Reina decides to switch from Liverpool to Man Utd, he will be the first player to do such a switch since Chilton in 1938.

Liverpool has already suffered the loss of Fernando Torres to rivals Chelsea and will be doing their utmost to keep their keeper, however if a good offer comes in for Reina, it will be hard for Liverpool not to leave him go. Then again, they already allowed Torres to leave and are doing more than fine even without him. Liverpool have just recently won by one goal to none against a Chelsea side boosted by the arrival of Fernando Torres.

Reina has just recently told the Daily Star Sunday that he’s commited to Liverpool and he will do his utmost to win trophies for them nonetheless. Will Reina join Manchester United during the Summer nonetheless?

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