Zaccheroni evaluates Juventus season

Soccer News by on 05-15-2010 filed under Italian Serie A

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Zaccheroni JuventusThe Italian league is coming to an end and Zacchroni started evaluating Juventus season. Zaccheroni said “I’m disappointed in not improving our position. We are going to close the season a step below when I took over. I didn’t imagine so many difficulties and that I would have to face so many injuries. The team? No one has saved.” He continued “In these three and a half months I don’t think that there has been a day in which a coach hasn’t been linked to the Juventus bench. The names being linked to the job are all of high level. Who merits to win the league? For continuity I believe that Inter merit to win, but one has to admit that Roma did very well.”

Then Zaccheroni continued “If I could return back I would change some things but I don’t believe that it would have been determinant. In fact the number of injuries we had was so high that even conditioned the recovery of the players. None of the players rendered as expected, this is a team game, no one of them saved himself. Too many difficulties all together. Had I arrived before? In soccer you cannot say if.”

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