Udinese’s President Pozzo: “Mourinho was helped”

Soccer News by on 03-1-2010 filed under Italian Serie A

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Gian Paolo Pozzo

The president of Udinese Gian Paolo Pozzo can’t accept yesterday’s defeat against Inter and he’s attacking Mourinho for the refereeing of Bergonzi which he believes was very unjust for his team. “This time Mourinho cannot complain, as always it’sthe small teams that pay the price. The Portuguese gave birth to a vicious circle during the week and the help punctually arrived. I believe that it’s scandalous that big teams complain. They have everything on their side, audiences, stadiums, media but it seems like it’s not enough.”

Pozzo also commented on Mourinho’s lack of style when he silenced Udinese supporters by putting his finger in front of his mouth “It wasn’t elegant. I happen to work in Portugal quite often but the Portuguese aren’t like him.”

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