Palermo, Liverani: “We want the fourth spot!”

Soccer News by on 03-11-2010 filed under Italian Serie A

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Fabio Liverani launches Palermo’s route, and does it through an interview he had with Gazzetta dello Sport. “We all want the fourth spot, the agreement on the prize money, for the eventual fourth spot, was reached in only ten minutes with the President. It is an objective that stimulates us, we will try.” The Palermo midfieleder continues to speak about his role on the pitch: “I don’t feel indispensible, I don’t believe taht I ever was. But I definitely belive that with my style of play many of my team mates feel lighter because I assume a lot of responsability. I believe that those that haven’t played much up to now can help us achieve the fourth spot with their boost.”

Fabio Liverani

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