The richest football clubs in Europe

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According to the annual review of finance compiled by Deloitte Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona are the richest football clubs in Europe. Everyone would have thought that Manchester United would be the richest club but they are only third in this table.

The club that climbed most positions in this rich table since last year is Manchester City as they climbed nine positions. Tottenham also climbed three positions to find themselves 12th in this rich table. Tottenham’s improvement has been possible thanks to Redknapp’s men with the qualification to the Champions League. Aston Villa just made it in the top twenty as they lie twentieth. The teams that make the top twenty list are Spanish, German, English, Italian and French clubs.

Here is the list of the richest clubs in Europe:

1. Real Madrid £359.1m
2. Barcelona £325.9m
3. Man United £286.4m
4. Bayern Munich £264.5m
5. Arsenal £224.4m
6. Chelsea £209.5m
7. AC Milan £193.1m
8. Liverpool £184.5m
9. Inter Milan £184.1m
10. Juventus £167.8m
11. Manchester City £125.1m
12. Tottenham £119.8m
13. Hamburg £119.7 m
14. Lyon £119.6m
15. Marseille £115.5m
16. Schalke £114.5m
17. Atletico Madrid £101.9m
18. Roma £100.5m
19. Stuttgart £94m
20. Aston Villa £89.6m

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