Cristiano Ronaldo dating Irina Shayk

Soccer News by on 07-19-2010 filed under Gossip

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Cristiano Ronaldo dating Irina Shayk thumbnail

Portugal and Real Madrid ace Cristiano Ronaldo is currently dating a gorgeous Russian model with the name of Irina Shayk. According to reliable sources the couple are trying to build a serious relationship and have been spotted together in numerous locations.

On June the 17th, Ronaldo announced to the whole world that he is the father on a baby boy. He announced this astonishing news on his personal official website, facebook and twitter. The identity of the mother remains unknown and there are reports now claiming that the baby was conceived by a surrogate mother. Cristiano did announce that the baby will be under his exclusive guardianship and that he’s extremely happy to be a father.

Irina Shayk was very surprised to hear the news, but it seems she’s happy for Ronaldo and this issue will not cause a breakup.

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3 Comments on "Cristiano Ronaldo dating Irina Shayk"

  1. Jade on Tue, 20th Jul 2010 7:45 pm 

    I don’t think they are serious he’s still young so let him have fun for now and the model ain’t right for him am sure he’ll find that right Mrs Ronaldo, for now it’s too soon!

  2. love on Tue, 20th Jul 2010 8:22 pm 

    they are not serious

  3. Katie on Tue, 20th Jul 2010 8:28 pm 

    Yeah i agree, i mean he is too young and he’s just enjoying life now. I don’t think it’s a serious relationship he’s just looking through her body and she’s looking through hes money. If it’s serious he would not just go around having fun with her like she’s just some girl after his son was born and if she really loves him she would noy have let that happen. They so don’t suit each other …

    He has to find someone whose job is not to be famous … a woman to show him real love to him and his son and just cares about her family’s life that’s what Ronaldo and his family want, not some model. So for now let him just have fun, good luck to Ronaldo and son!

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