Fulham flying to Hamburg despite Volcanic Ash

Soccer News by on 05-10-2010 filed under UEFA Europa League

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Europa Final - Volcano FearsThe volcanic ash being emitted from the active volcano in Iceland has been grounding flights across European airports once again this weekend. However Fulham are still planning to travel to Hamburg by plane for the Europa League final, because the ash cloud is thinning and is currently not considered a threat.

Atletico Madrid have travelling on Monday instead, a day earlier than planned to make sure they don’t experience any delays and have time to prepare for the final. Fulham’s manager asked UEFA to consider rescheduling the game if the ash cloud could cause more travel chaos, but seems the situation is very stable now and all should proceed as originally planned out.

Various airports in Europe have closed on Sunday, as the cloud drifted over mainland Europe, but all have reopened now. Thus, Fulham and Atletico Madrid fans should find no problem to reach Hamburg for the final too. Tickets for the final seem limited, with both teams being allocated only 12,650 each. Neither of the two teams who reached the final anticipated they needed more and were surprised with current requests.

This year’s Europa League final will showcase two teams which both underperformed in their domestic league and will be looking to win an important trophy.

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