Steven Gerrard may Leave Liverpool

Soccer News by on 05-21-2010 filed under English Premier League

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Steven Gerrard LiverpoolThe relationship between Steven Gerrard (30) and Liverpool is not ideal anymore. According to the ‘Daily Mail’ the player and Liverpool coach Rafa Benitez don’t see eye to eye. Should the Spanish coach stay at Liverpool, Gerrard could well end up leaving Liverpool. All the big clubs are monitoring the situation closely with Inter and Real Madrid ready to make a bid for him.

Should Steven Gerrard decide to leave it would be a great blow for all Liverpool fans as they consider him as one of them. Gerrard was born in Merseyside and started off his career with hometown club Whiston Juniors before being noticed by Liverpool scouts. He joined Liverpool at the young age of 9 and since then never looked back. He always gave his best for the red shirt.

Do you think that Gerrard should leave Liverpool?

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3 Comments on "Steven Gerrard may Leave Liverpool"

  1. ANON. on Fri, 21st May 2010 9:59 pm 

    Is this true about Steven Gerrard?
    I dont think its true otherwise it would be on most websites and their would be a speech given from Rafa or Gerrard, himself.
    I DO NOT THINK GERRARD SHOULD LEAVE LIVERPOOL. not in a million yearss! =/
    Lets see what say about this shall we.

  2. jerry on Fri, 21st May 2010 11:20 pm 

    Well I’m a HUGE Liverpool fan and it would be a enormous blow to me if he leaves. same with Torres these 2 are my FAVORITE players on that team but i don’t know if they leave ill still be a Liverpool fan by heart. but i don’t think Stevie G should leave he has made history there and he should stay, talk with Rafa and keep on building what Liverpool started!

  3. Neil on Sat, 22nd May 2010 9:37 pm 

    As a diehard LFC fan, unfortunately I cannot blame Stevie for considering leaving. He as a player has been let down by the manager, and board. Yes, romantically it would be great for him to stay but it is his career!! Anyway, perhaps we can get 20 mill for him. it’s not like his stock is rising!

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