Cristiano Ronaldo to return to Manchester United

Soccer News by on 05-18-2010 filed under English Premier League

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Cristiano Ronaldo Manchester UnitedLately there have been alot of happenings around Cristiano Ronaldo which are leading us think that a move back to Manchester United might be happening soon. In some recent interviews Ronaldo admitted that he can’t see himself ending his career at Real Madrid and also didn’t exclude any destinations. He even said that he would not exclude a move to Barcelona. Everyone knows that Cristiano Ronaldo is a winner and hates to finish second so it’s pretty obvious that he’s not so happy with Real Madrid’s performance on the pitch.

On the other hand, a few weeks ago Sir Alex Ferguson said that he would only spend 60 million sterling on Cristiano Ronaldo. He even rejected the idea of spending 60 million sterling on Lionel Messi. Sir Alex Ferguson has always kept the door open to a return of Ronaldo. This season Manchester United have missed Ronaldo but should they join forces again they would both get back to their winning days which they are missing out at present!

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3 Comments on "Cristiano Ronaldo to return to Manchester United"

  1. bill on Sat, 29th May 2010 12:47 am 

    United need Ronaldo. Ronaldo needs United. Had he not been a childhood Madrid fan, I’m sure he would’ve stayed at Old Trafford for the rest of career. The fans absolutely loved him, he loved the fans, the players complimented his style of play, his relationship with Fergie was special etc.

    Look at us without Ronaldo. Had it not have been for Rooney’s outstanding goals return this season, we would’ve have finished 3rd at best and not even have made it past the last 16 in the CL.

    Look at Ronaldo without us. At United he had Tevez and Rooney playing up top with him. These are 2 of the most selfless, hard working players you’ll ever see. At madrid, he plays with Benzema and Higuain, 2 of the greediest and egoistic players the world has ever seen.

  2. CARON on Mon, 7th Jun 2010 12:00 pm 

    Yes, I would love to see Cr9 back with manu where he belongs. I know that he doesnt like that Jose mourinho and this will enough for Cr9 to return to Man U. GO BACK TO MAN U CRISTIANO, This Jose will bring you down. He already said that you are not bigger than Real madrid. He was referring to you I am sure. He going to be nasty to you. DONT LET HIM. RM have already brought down.

  3. mubeen on Fri, 3rd Sep 2010 8:18 pm 

    ronaldo come back but i heard that mourinho and ronaldo will be having problem.and now ronaldo is playing full match 90 min.i dont THink he will come just rumors! since he went i heard his coming to old trafford but not yet.we want to hear himself speaking that he will return.he also won the best player award in english league not in ligA BBVA. WE ARE WAITING RONALDO.SHOW UR MAGIC

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