Arsenal, Tottenham & Birmingham ban vuvuzelas

Soccer News by on 07-20-2010 filed under English Premier League

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Arsenal, Tottenham & Birmingham ban vuvuzelas thumbnail

Arsenal and Birmingham City have followed Totthenham’s decision and are banning the vuvuzelas from their stadiums for the coming English Premier League season, which is due to commence during mid August. It’s widely anticipated that many other clubs will introduce this ban and they will strip anyone of their vuvuzela if they try to enter the stadium with it.

The World Cup in South Africa will be definitely remembered in conjunction with the vuvuzelas. Many top players have complained that the noise disturbs the team’s communication on the field. The bee-like sound was not welcomed especially by European fans who attended the matches and even at home. There has been calls to ban vuvuzelas even during the same World Cup.

So remember, if you’re going to attend an Arsenal, Tottenham or Birmingham City match, don’t take the vuvuzela!

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