CARB rejects Volkswagen recall proposal to settle 3-liter diesel-powered vehicles issue

CARB rejects Volkswagen recall proposal to settle 3-liter diesel-powered vehicles issue

Volkswagen has earlier proposed to the California Air Resources Board (CARB) that it can announce a recall action to settle the concerns with regard to 3-liter diesel-powered vehicles. But now, the board has rejected the proposal.

The plan submitted with the board was supposed to include details how its 3-liter diesel-powered vehicles, which includes Volkswagen Touareg, Porsche Cayenne and Audi A8, has cheated US emission tests. But the documents did not contain sufficient information owing to which the board has rejected the proposal.

In 2015 as well the company faced the same allegations but at that time 2-liter diesel engines were in the lime light. It was being said that these engines were outfitted with engine control unit (ECU) software that makes the emission tests inconclusive.

Now, not only CARB but the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), has concluded that the similar thing has happened with the Volkswagen's 3-liter engines. The board said that the company has provided complete, in-detail data. Therefore, it has become difficult for them to find out if the proposed plans would work or not.

On the other hand Volkswagen has mentioned that it has been completely supported the investigation authorities. In fact, they have not lost hope after the board has canceled the proposal. It has called the rejection to be nothing but a procedural step under the law.

Volkswagen has affirmed that the company would continue to work with CARB and EPA so that it could come up with a workable solution, as otherwise it should be ready to lose more billions in an extreme situation of buying back the affected 3-liter diesel vehicles that have been manufactured from 2009 till date.


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