OSHA fines RWS Manufacturing for not fixing problem

OSHA fines RWS Manufacturing for not fixing problem

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) put a fine of around $200,000 on RWS Manufacturing, which is in the Washington County town of Kingsbury. It said the upstate New York manufacturing company failed to correct combustible dust hazards that were identified during inspection that was conducted before a fire broke in the plant last December.

Inspection at the plant conducted after the incident causes OSHA to issue citation for various violations that accounted for about $198,000 in fines. In December, Post-Star of Glens Falls reported that four more fire accidents have taken place at the plant over past six years. Plant manager Don Student said the company is still reviewing OSHA’s report.

OSHA is encouraging local construction firms to introduce needed safety measure to ensure safety of their workers. For the purpose, OSHA is also launching a month-long safety awareness campaign called Grassroots Injury-Illness Prevention (GRIIP), which is created to address construction site safety issues.

Nicholas DeJesse, Director of Philadelphia OSHA, said many safety measures were missing at sites where the workplace accident took place. He said a 1970 law requires employers, including construction companies, to provide safe and healthy work places. There should be specific safety systems for workers who are on a roof.

“Railings around a structure so you can’t fall off of a structure, personal fall arrest systems, which would be when individuals wear a full body harness with a lanyard and it’s connected to an anchorage point or a safety net that is put on the perimeter of the structure”, said DeJesse.


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