Google hires Kifi’s team to work on Google Spaces Project

Google hires Kifi’s team to work on Google Spaces Project

Kifi is going to join Google’s Spaces Team. Consider it the search engine giant’s latest effort to make a mark in social apps. Google has hired Kifi’s team, which will work on Space, Google’s group chat app.

Kifi is a startup that was into building extensions to collect and search links shared in social apps and even provided recommendations for further links. Google’s app has been launched earlier this year and has not able to get a very good response in the market.

Main aim behind joining Spaces team as per Kifi is to come up with ways that focus on improving group sharing, conversation and content finding. Google’s messaging and collaboration efforts have been considered scattered in terms of execution and focus. But the latest acquisition shows that Google is still very much interested in growing and improving Spaces.

Kifi service and data will not become part of Google. The service will remain alive for another few weeks and then it will be limited to data exports only.

Currently, Google’s interest is in group chat. Therefore, there is a possibility that Google may tweak Kifi’s link sharing and link recommendation technology for group chat purpose. The links might be used for other applications and platforms as well.

“Delighted the Kifi team, with their great expertise in organizing shared content and conversations, is joining the Spaces team to build features that improve group sharing”, affirmed Google engineering director Eddie Kessler.

Till date, Google has unveiled about around 200 acquisitions. Lately, it has been noticed that Google has been building its team in areas like social and app.


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