Lionel Messi “We are superior to everyone”

Soccer News by on 04-11-2010 filed under UEFA Champions League

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Lionel MessiLionel Messi, the World’s best player, was on fire again.

After banging in four goals against Arsenal in last Tuesday’s Champions League clash, he scored another important goal yesterday against Barcelona’s eternal rivals, Real Madrid. Barcelona won the match 2-0 with Messi scoring the first goal. After the match Messi said the following: “The squad showed that it is superior to everyone, but we must keep on showing it. It was a very important match, but now we have to continue like this. Ronaldo? I would not like to talk about him, we were superior to Real Madrid. Now we are first and have an advantage in the Liga”.

Before yesterday’s clash, Real Madrid and Barcellona were level at 77 points and with only eight matches left therefore the match was very important. With Real Madrid playing at home, everyone was questioning if Barcelona could beat Real Madrid and so they did.  Inter coach Jose Mourinho will definitely not be happy about Barcelona’s current form as he has to play them in less than 2 weeks time to make it to the final of the Champions League.

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6 Comments on "Lionel Messi “We are superior to everyone”"

  1. Chris on Sun, 18th Apr 2010 4:49 pm 

    Lionel Messi is definitely not the world’s best player. He excels with Barcelona only because they play a system which fits his style of play and team chemistry is exceptional. He’s only average when he plays for Argentina for example.

  2. Felmo on Sun, 16th May 2010 10:57 am 

    Messi is a super player with special and unique skills. His skills fit him to Barca because he belong to such family…with the system……team chemistry unique and different one…only played by Barca….they together played it…that makes it a dream team…..Messi play good football and the easy way with every move new and possible in football..that make him a fan to almost every one…he is a great player and among the list of the top best in the world.

  3. OSINACHI christian on Tue, 18th May 2010 11:23 pm 

    Messi should first try and break Man U champions league records lol

  4. Bill on Sat, 29th May 2010 12:42 am 

    Messo best player in the world? Don’t make me laugh. The boy never turns up when his team most needs him. Here are jsut a few examples of when he decided to disappear as his side crashed (or nearly) out the CL.

    Inter – semis this season

    Chelsea – semis last season (Iniesta came to the rescue in 91st min)

    Man Utd – semis 2 seasons ago

    See a pattern? If you don’t give him space to dribble into, he really isn’t that special. Can he head the ball? Can he score from range? Power? Strength? Free kicks? Two footed? He doesn’t possesss any of the attributes mentioned above. Just look at him for Argentina. NO Xavi and Iniesta passing to him and he’s lost.

  5. Jo on Fri, 4th Jun 2010 2:13 am 

    bill are you dumb? its messi not messo
    messi is the best scorer eveeeer!

    he is two footed, he has great kicks and soccer is a team sport. obviously he needs his team mates to pass him the ball to score. his a strike u idiot. the midfielders are there to assist the strikers. if u position xavi or iniesta by themselves, they wont stand a chance. unlike messi where he can dribble through a whole team cos he has the attributes of a professional player

  6. Leu on Wed, 16th Jun 2010 3:25 pm 

    That´s right my friend ronaldo is the world best player because messi is from the other world, he plays like anybody in this universe, messi can make a difference despite ronaldo is more like something we all times see, too much talent, too many mental power, barclona fc the best!

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