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Welcome to SoccerLeagueNews.com, the ultimate soccer news portal! On here, you’ll find all the latest news and inside info about the most popular soccer leagues in the world, including information about teams, players and anything related to The Beautiful Game. We are currently covering the English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Europa/Champions League and the fast-approaching FIFA World Cup 2010. We will also be posting the latest buzz and reports about potential transfer deals.

Our goal is to provide you with soccer news on a daily basis, even before it hits the press and becomes public knowledge. Our authors and editors are either soccer players themselves or huge sports fans with considerable experience and expertise in the football/soccer world. If you love all-things soccer related and you’re interested in writing for SoccerLeagueNews.com, please feel free to contact us. In any case, we hope you enjoy what you read and that you will visit us and hang around often, and we’d love to take this opportunity to invite you to join in the discussion by leaving your comments about the articles.

Meet the Authors/Editors:

Robert SmithRobert Smith (Author) robert@soccerleaguenews.com
A local soccer player whose 7 year-long career came to an abrupt end due to injury. He decided to join our team so he could share his wealth of knowledge about the different international leagues. He’s always longed to play abroad and reporting for this website keeps him in touch with everything that’s happening globally.

Sarah GoldrakeSarah Goldrake (Author) sarah@soccerleaguenews.com / facebook profile
The most famous female soccer player in town and a member of the national team too. Besides playing the game, she enjoys travelling to watch matches overseas, interviewing the hottest soccer stars and sharing live news with our followers.

MatthewMatthew Mattocks (Author/Editor) matthew@soccerleaguenews.com
A young entrepreneur who is an avid soccer fan, he writes for SoccerLeagueNews.com as his main hobby. His main passion is throwing sports parties watching games on the big screen at his state of the art mansion. He’s a close friend of some well-known international soccer celebrities and this means he can provide the community with some insider info that can’t be found anywhere else.

MarkMark King (Author/Editor) mark@soccerleaguenews.com
An expert on the rules of the game, Mark is one of the main members of the local governing soccer body and will be making sure all content published on this website is correct and up-to-date.

HilaryHilary Dudley (Copy Editor) hilary@soccerleaguenews.com
Having written for several publications internationally, and progressed to an editorial position at a magazine, she is responsible for the written accuracy of all the articles on the website. She’s an avid soccer fan and her father used to play professionally, which has given her a natural affinity with all things football.

Other Contributors:

Bob Turner, Keily Jones, Louis Albrew and Sam Michaels.

General Enquiries:

Please contact us at info@soccerleaguenews.com

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